I have LibreOffice 5.2 installed in My HP Pavilion Desktop where it has been running satisfactorily for some time. I recently installed the program in my HP Pavilion Laptop, the version now is updated to 5.4. With the earlier version I can scan in wirelessly from any of several wireless printers that I have access to, not so with the latest version, The options are there to select and request but they do not work. I tried doing a repair to the installation but no joy. I have now installed the earlier version namely 5.2 and this allows me to scan on the laptop just as I can on the desktop so it's not a peculiarity of the laptop that is the problem. Have LibreOffice removed the scanning option from the latest version of the program but still left the select and request buttons in the drop down menu in error, or is there some other problem there that I can possibly fix?