So on the native mail and calendar app I have a few accounts setup. My most used isp account, my Microsoft accounts and even a gmail account. I love the way I can add a calendar entry to any one of these on the app or on other devices such as my iPhone, echo Alexa and the entry syncs across all of them. However, what I want to know is can I add a calendar entry to the calendar app that is not linked to any of these accounts. So the calendar entry is totally local to the pc itself? I still want said entry to show up in cortana like the others on the day of the meeting/event but I donít want it showing up anywhere else. Kind of hard to explain.

Or I suppose I could create another email account with someone and only add it to my pc. Other than the obvious ones of outlook, yahoo, gmail are there other free providers that support calendars as well as email?

cheers, Wayne