I'm going at this pain in the *** again, this time with a different question since I've investigated further.

The touch keyboard (the one that automatically displays when not in tablet mode and there's no keyboard attached) was changed with the Fall Creators Edition update. The "new" one now displays in a much larger area -- it takes up nearly half of the screen when the "full" keyboard is selected, both when the keyboard is locked to the bottom of the screen or when it can be moved to another position. The various new layout options are terrible, big and clunky!

(I'm not referring to the "On-Screen Keyboard" that can me turned on in the Settings>>Ease of Use>>Keyboard settings. That keyboard can be resized but it cannot be set to appear automatically when needing to touch type. It can only be turned on or off.)

The "old" touch keyboard apparently is still available somewhere in Windows 10 as it is the actual keyboard that appears when signing into Windows. Does anyone know how get the "old" touch keyboard (or the one selectable in the Ease of Use settings)to be used as the default instead of the "new" one?

Oh and the "new" touch keyboard is flakey. Keys remain highlighted after touching, the keyboard doesn't close automatically, etc. Microsoft really messed this up.