Problem After Installing Fall Creators Edition Solved

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       20 Oct 2017 #21

    Try opening Event Viewer, Look at Windows Logs > System then filter the current log by source, ticking the boxes for all 'Security...' event sources. This may give a clue as to how it is blocking you.
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  2.    20 Oct 2017 #22

    I looked at it but can't figure out where to go to on it...not that computer "savvy", guess I will be stuck going the long way around this...
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  3.    20 Oct 2017 #23

    Apparently same underlying issue after a clean install here:
    An administrator has blocked you from running this app Fall Creator's - Windows 10 Forums
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  4.    20 Oct 2017 #24

    Mine is different, only happens when you download a program, and try to install it....a special UAC Window pops up which, instead of asking if you give permission or not (yes/no) it says " YOUR ORGANIZATION USED WINDOWS DEFENDER APPLICATION CONTROL TO BLOCK THIS APP"....

    So, it is really an entirely different problem...

    I just got finished re-formatting the original HP factory image to my laptop...It has Mcaffee running for protection, (with 30 day trial) but I am going to delete it so Windows Defender will come back on...should not be a problem now...I am running the old 1511 version of windows 10...Probably tomorrow I will do the UPGRADE (not clean install) using the Upgrade Assistant and my HOPE is that since I am doing it with the original OEM image, UAC will not block installations and come up with that stupid pop up window...fingers crossed!

    I hated to do this, since other than that, the clean install was working beautifully, but I figured my best shot at getting around this was to do it this way...
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  5.    20 Oct 2017 #25

    Well, I did the reformat on my hp laptop and after getting rid of the 30 day trial (pay) Norton antivirus, Defender re-activated and I had no problems installing programs after I downloaded them on the original windows 1511 version that was on my computer when I bought it...

    However, the problem I had with the network connection dropping out for a second every few minutes was back...
    Then, I did the upgrade to Fall Creators Edition using the Update Assistant...

    Once I was in it...guess what? The stupid window from the UAC was back with that message again and would not let me install a program I wanted...So, for me, apparently the bug relates to the installation of the newest version of "10", even though I upgraded with the original factory install, it made no difference (over the clean installs I did previous)...

    And I had posted to the microwave forums and someone from ms suggested I turn off smartscreen in defender but that does not help...
    Now, I am really stuck and tired of re-installing clean versions, HP original versions, etc....and this does not seem to have any easy or obvious solution...

    Very frustrated at this point...if I roll it back, I am back in the now ancient 1511 version which is no longer going to get security updates...I can't even go back to the previous version of 10 since it isn't available for download anymore...

    I use to use Ubuntu but I really love windows 10...I have a feeling I'm going to have to end up re-installing Ubuntu and deleting windows altogether...The only other solution would be to buy a new laptop....but this one isn't that old and I'd hate to have to discard it...
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       20 Oct 2017 #26

    Craig said: View Post
    ...I can't even go back to the previous version of 10 since it isn't available for download anymore...
    Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. For the 1703 ISO, try the Heidoc tool. It generates links to download direct from Microsoft.
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  7.    20 Oct 2017 #27

    Thanks Bree...I did send a reply to that ms guy on the ms support I will see if he can offer any other suggestions...but at this point I am almost ready to give it up on windows and go back to Ubuntu...I shouldn't have to buy a new HP laptop (when one becomes available with the new version) just to get around the problem...My HP is fine and not even that old...

    The only other alternative I can think of is to (yikes) reformat again back to the original HP image with 1511, remove Norton but perhaps if I, say installed Avast free and brought that over with me to the upgrade, it might make a difference?
    I wonder how it works when you use another virus protector? Does the MS UAC still come up?

    PS...reformats on my computer take almost 5 hrs to complete from the time I feed in all 5 discs, until it completes everything it does after's a real pain...

    And of course, I can't try installing avast on my current install since now that I am in the latest version, UAC will block me...(which also means I can't do anything with that link you sent me for same reason).....
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  8.    21 Oct 2017 #28

    I'm thinking as a last ditch effort, to do a clean install with the new disc I downloaded this afternoon before doing the upgrade (doubt if it will make a difference but worth a shot) and if that doesn't make a difference, i'd like to try installing Avast to see if that would stop it since it seems the block comes from defender itself (based on the message the window says)...

    Also, it would eliminate the internet dropping problem I have on the original hp install...

    Only thing is i'd need to know how to turn windows defender off...does anyone know an easy way to turn off and turn on Windows Defender?
    Last edited by Craig; 21 Oct 2017 at 01:11.
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  9.    21 Oct 2017 #29

    Installing a 3rd party AV should turn it off- and that used to be so- but since upgrading to the CU (not the fall CU) Defender is getting updates and is there in the background with a tray icon.

    The story was that you could turn it off from its GUI, but a while later it would be back.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.jpg 
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    Turn On or Off Windows Defender in Windows 10 Security System Tutorials
    Enable or Disable Scan Archive Files by Windows Defender in Windows 10 Security System Tutorials
    Turn On or Off SmartScreen for Windows Store Apps in Windows 10 Security System Tutorials
    Turn On or Off SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Security System Tutorials
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  10.    21 Oct 2017 #30

    Thanks...and by the way...seems others having the same problem
    Windows Defender Application Control - Microsoft Community
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