I have a copy of the MPEG2 extension from the Windows Store I got from the %windowsapps% folder of a computer running 1703. It's only available in the 1703 store.

I have another computer running 1607 LTSB I'd like to sideload it on - I tried copying it to the %windowsapps% folder but it doesn't seem to recognize it automatically.

Does anyone know what kind of finagling I need to do to get the Windows Store to see the files? I saw a tutorial on sideloading store apps using an .appx package, but the extension has no .appx file (presumably because it's not an application - just an extension)...

Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated. Trying to realize dream of having DRM copy-once channel support for HDHomeRun DVR software which is only available from Store on Windows 10 (sniff!) - and requires MPEG2 extension from 1703 - on my beloved 1607 LTSB machines ... I'm hoping I don't have to wait until 2019 for the next LTSB upgrade just for that!