Windows 10: Windows 10 Photos App failed after editing with Paint.

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       18 Sep 2017 #1

    Windows 10 Photos App failed after editing with Paint.

    I captured printscreens yesterday and pasted to paint, then added some remarks etc and saved it from paint as .JPG files. This went all well, no problems opening them afterwards.

    1-Today I opened one of these files, I want to do some more editing on it and close it (.JPG still)
    2-I then re_open the file using PAINT to edit it, I then made some changes.
    3-I then saved the changed PAINT-PIC as .JPG again with extra file name to differentiate between this and original
    file, ok its done.

    4-When I now tried to open any .JPG file with Win 10 Photo App, just a temp black screen and app crashed.

    My temp selution:
    Before I tried a restore, I done this:
    1-I open the .JPG file with "Open With", then chose the Apple viewer, and associate all .JPG files with it.
    2-Now I can see the photos again, but what I dont liked was I cant use the arrows to page to next photos.

    3-I the open .JPG photo again with "Open With" and assoccioate all .JPG's with Win 10 Photo-App.
    4-To my surprise it now works again.

    Entry in Eventviewer(Multile).

    Faulting application name.Microsoft.Photos.exe
    Faulty module name unknown etc......

    For information & anybody nows more about this failure what looks like an file association mishap from a photo changed with paint to .JPG saved, opened & changed with paint(Only as BMP for this photo), then saved again as .JPG.
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       18 Sep 2017 #2

    Ok, it just decided to fail again, after it worked a few times. I deleted the suspect .JPG file I edited, but no change.

    I do not want to do a System restore yet.

    How do I get the WIN 10 Photo reinstalled or fixed-?

    Note: I see in Eventviewer the 1st APP failure was svchost>exe regarding AppsReadiness, vertion 10.0.15063.0

    Windows store cache may be damaged
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       18 Sep 2017 #3

    My selution

    Ok, i decided to dump the windoes "photos" app. I cannot find his app, and also do not know how to uninstall it.

    Instead I installed a Windows photoviewer called=Restore Windows Photo Viewer, associoated all .JPG / tiff etc files to it, and it works exactly as I wanted it to be.
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  4.    19 Sep 2017 #4

    If you install Classic Shell, it will give you a right click option to uninstall the Photos app which you can then reinstall from the Store. You can also try resetting the Photos app from Settings / Apps & Features then choose Advanced options.
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       19 Sep 2017 #5


    Looking back, the Apps started to give problems as from 2017-09-14. It started failing with Apps readiness.

    This was after Security updates, KB4038806, KB4038788, were installed.

    I went to settings, Apps, reset each one from Advanced option, it made no difference.

    Improvements and fixes

    This update includes quality improvements. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update. Key changes include:

    • Addressed issue where the color profiles do not revert to the user-specified settings after playing a full-screen game.
    • Updated HDR feature to be turned off by default in the OS.
    • Addressed issue where you can't open the Start menu when you add a third-party IME.
    • Addressed issue with scanners that rely on inbox driver support.
    • Addressed issue in a Mobile Device Manager Enterprise feature to allow headsets to work correctly.
    • Addressed issue where some machines fail to load wireless WAN devices when they resume from Sleep.
    • Addressed issue where Windows Error Reporting doesn't clean up temporary files when there is a redirection on a folder.
    • Addressed issue where revoking a certificate associated with a disabled user account in the CA management console fails. The error is "The user name or password is incorrect. 0x8007052e (WIN32: 1326 ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE)”.
    • Addressed issue where LSASS is leaking large amounts of memory.
    • Addressed issue where enabling encryption using syskey.exe renders the system unbootable.
    • Updated the BitLocker.psm1 PowerShell script to not log passwords when logging is enabled.
    • Addressed issue where saving a credential with an empty password to Credential Manager causes the system to crash when attempting to use that credential.
    • Updates to Internet Explorer 11’s navigation bar with search box.
    • Addressed issue in Internet Explorer where undo is broken if character conversion is canceled using IME.
    • Addressed issue with the EMIE where Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer repeatedly switched between each other.
    • Addressed issue where a device may stop responding for several minutes and then stop working with error 0x9F (SYSTEM_POWER_STATE_FAILURE) when a USB network adapter is attached.
    • Addressed issue where some apps cannot be opened because the IPHlpSvc service stops responding during the Windows boot procedure.
    • Addressed issue where spoolsv.exe stops working.
    • Addressed issue where the Get-AuthenticodeSignature cmdlet does not list TimeStamperCertificate even though the file is time stamped.
    • Addressed issue where, after upgrading to Windows 10, users may experience long delays when running applications hosted on Windows Server 2008 SP2.
    • Addressed RemoteApp display issues that occur when you minimize and restore a RemoteApp to full-screen mode.
    • Addressed issue that sometimes causes Windows File Explorer to stop responding and causes the system to stop working.
    • Addressed issue that causes the Export-StartLayout cmdlet to fail when exporting the layout of tiles at startup.
    • Addressed issue where the option to join Azure AAD is sometimes unavailable during the out-of-box experience.
    • Addressed issue where clicking the buttons on Windows Action Center notifications results in no action being taken.
    • Re-release of MS16-087- Security update for Windows print spooler components.
    • Security updates to Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows kernel-mode drivers, Windows shell, Microsoft Uniscribe, Microsoft Edge, Device Guard, Windows TPM, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Hyper-V, Windows kernel, and Windows Virtualization.

    If you installed earlier updates, only the new fixes contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

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       19 Sep 2017 #6

    Steve C said: View Post
    If you install Classic Shell, it will give you a right click option to uninstall the Photos app which you can then reinstall from the Store. You can also try resetting the Photos app from Settings / Apps & Features then choose Advanced options.
    Thanks, but I could not found that specific app in the store.
    Also, I have a problem with all apps, at the moment I do not use one of them. My problem started after KB Update.
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  7.    19 Sep 2017 #7

    Classic shell is a program you install from here

    You could uninstall KB4038788 to check the problem disappears. Also try the Store Apps Troubleshooter.
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       19 Sep 2017 #8

    List of Apps failing

    Everything else works fine..

    The Apps that fails: I only used the Photo of the lot.

    1-Alarms & Clock

    2-Calculator.. I fiddled with some of the app related settings and got this one to work, it still works.

    3-Grove Music


    5-Microsoft Silitaire

    6-Mixed Reality Portal

    7-Movies & TV

    8-One Note


    10-Phone Companion

    11-Photos......I fiddled with some settings related to Apps and got it working twice, but now it fails again.

    12-Voice Recorder.

    I dont need these, so as long as the rest of the PC works fine, I dont think I am going to do anything major.
    Maybe in 6 months time Microsoft gets to the cause and fix it with an update.
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  9.    20 Sep 2017 #9

    Reinstall and Re-register Apps in Windows 10 Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

    I doubt MS will investigate your particular issue; doesn't seem one others report.

    If the tutorial doesn't help, try creating a new user account and see if they work.
    If they do, it's likely not a basic Windows corruption
    If they don't, it probably is.

    If so, you can try an in-place repair install of Windows which keeps all programs and data and most settings.
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       20 Sep 2017 #10

    Eventviewer:Found something

    Thanks for the link, but for one or other reason it does not work recognising the command for the Photo-app reset, so nothing happens. It seems that every now and then if I try the Photo-App does open, usually twice, then it fails again.
    The Eventviewer normally go to says Remote Procedure Call failed regarding the Photo-App.
    I found something in Eventviewer:
    Go to.....
    >Applications and Services Logs
    >Applications Experience
    >>Program Telemetry.......
    Now I saw entries about compatbility fixes applied......
    >>I then try to open the Photo-App....It failed.
    Refresh log
    .....The log basicly said Windows applied a compatibility fix to Microsoft.Photos.exe.

    Now what could this mean ? I would like to see if I can get to the bottom of this without re-installing the OS.
    I just try to this for interest sake, I got a Photo-Viewer now that works perfectly, nothing in the log about this one.
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