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  1. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       17 Sep 2017 #21


    Please enter one in your gmail desktop and check gmail calendar on phone.

    Is it a security risk, per say No. Your name isn't a security risk, you can get that in the phone book.

    All phones should be password protected.

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  2.    18 Sep 2017 #22

    I sent you a new email by phone but cannot see it, so I will do so by desktop.
    I removed one of the gmail addresses because there were two.
    I finally can see the entry on my phone that I created on my desktop. Apparently it is not spontaneous.
    The stock calendar cannot be removed nor hidden like the others. I do prefer this stock one for hovering etc but the Google one is synchronized and is good in case I get another phone so I can transfer.
    Thank you for you patience and guidance.
    Google sure makes one work. I am considering an iPhone. I would get a MS one if they were more reliable and knew they would be around for a while. I am comfortable in the Windows environment rather than Google and have been for over a decade.
    I even find OneDrive more user friendly than Google Drive. I realize one is or free.
    Anyway, thanks again.
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       18 Sep 2017 #23

    You will love the iPhone setup, regardless of Gmail or Outlook. Add the account, select what to sync, decided what calendars to show and its done. Same for addresses and tasks. Very slick.

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  4.    18 Sep 2017 #24

    My daughter and family are Mac and they are all happy with it although they know Windows and Android. They agree that everything is simple and straightforward.
    Thanks for all.
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  5.    08 Oct 2017 #25

    Is there a conservative way to remove all old traces of the calendar on the 2 phones, Chromebook and desktop then start over again. This is a mess so I cannot isolate the cause.
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  6. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       08 Oct 2017 #26

    I think there are a couple but they are edging towards drastic.

    You could remove all accounts from phone, which should delete their data. Then if there is still data, like in "My calendar" it is likely phone data. This would have to be deleted by hand unless you reset phone. Resetting phone would be the drastic part. Notes, pictures, contacts and anything locally stored on phone would be vaporized ( it may ask if you want to delete Sim card entries.) Not sure I would be resetting phone but you asked.

    I think I would try another way. I assume on chromebook and desktop you are using a browser to sign into gmail. These calendars should be syncing fine. Are they?

    If not and you are using some sort of app then you could remove accounts from these apps. If you are using app try the browser until you see the syncing working. Then you can attack app.

    On phone, if gmail account is on phone have it as the only account to display. If entries are in other calendars I would move them by hand. There might be a setting for default calendar, ensure this is set to gmail calendar. If not when you enter something it could show on phone but you won't see in gmail.

    I would first see that chromebook and desktop sync. Then move to one phone.

    Should be a whole lot simpler.
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  7.    08 Oct 2017 #27

    The only sync is on my phone between the stock and Google calendar. Chromebook and PC do not sync. My wife's phone is not in sync. I unchecked only Picassa and Google Drive under sync.
    It seems as though only my phone syncs. All 4 devices have the Google app to my knowledge as they all look the same.Thee is really nothing in the calendars I need so if there was a way to start over without damaging other features it maybe necessary. I do appreciate our deduction but if the Chromebook and the computer don't sync there is a big issue.
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  8.    08 Oct 2017 #28

    Progress. I noticed I had the first day of the week wrong. But before that I had made an entry and it now shows upon all the devices. Unfortunately the previous entries are nor synced. But it seems the new one did sync on all four devices. I will keep you posted.
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  9.    09 Oct 2017 #29

    I removed a calendar and now all is ok. I don't remember making a calendar with my name but that is the one that works. The gmail address one was interfering.
    Thank you for your help.
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       09 Oct 2017 #30

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