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       14 Sep 2017 #11

    Well I'm not sure so we will have to discover.

    First Chrome is a browser which happens to be Google's browser but it has little to do with calendar or syncing (except the things it sync's like history, bookmarks, passwords etc.)

    Where we want to be is inside our gmaill account. You can sign in with chrome browser. Once you are signed into gmail and look at calendars they have to be the same if it is the same gmail account. The browser is just the tool you are using to access gmail.

    Now your phone has an app for the calendar and in most Android deliveries it has a 31 on face of app. Now vendors customize the you know what out Android but you should still see the 31. Once you found the 31 on phone open it and ensure your gmail account is set to display. On desktop open Chrome, sign into gmail and go to calendar. Enter something and give it a few minutes to display in the calendar app on phone.

    Please let me know how this goes.

    On chrome, yes you sign in. If you click on three dots, upper right on desktop, click on settings, the first thing that opens is the name signed in and the ability to see what is being synced. (History, apps, bookmarks). On Android there is also a way to open settings in chrome to see who is signed in (must be the same as desktop) and some abilities to control syncing, if I recall. Again, this isn't about contacts or calendar syncing, it's browser syncing.

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  2.    15 Sep 2017 #12

    I did exactly as you said but they do not sync. I opened gmail on the desktop and clicked on the dots upper right where I saw the blue 31 and opened it.
    On the phone I opened the blue 3. I clicked sync and refresh but they do not sync. I went to google on the phone and made sure sync is checked. Entries are on the phone where I put them originally but not on the desktop.
    Did I miss something?
    Maybe I have the wrong calendar selected on:calendars but do not know how to make them the same, if that is the case.
    Again, Windows 10 Pro desktop and Galaxy S5 phone.
    Thank you for your patience.
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  3. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       15 Sep 2017 #13

    When you are in your calendar, the 31 app, can you get to the point where you select which calendar to display. I think top left is three bars, then settings?

    Can you see your gmail account as an account to display?

    If not you have to add and set to display.
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  4.    15 Sep 2017 #14


    I am trying to follow what you say; I think the calendar choice is not right.
    I cannot do much in the PC but on the phone I can see calendars.
    There seems to be my Gmail address, my Outlook address and most importantly "MY" calendar. When I uncheck that, no entries show up n the phone no matter which other ones I check or uncheck.

    I did say"create" an event and could see three calendars at the top>I selected my email address not the "My" calendar but this still did not solve he computer visibility.

    @ admin I found a way to remove the address I thank and thank you.
    Last edited by maranna; 15 Sep 2017 at 10:44.
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  5. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       15 Sep 2017 #15

    We are getting closer. You don't want My calendar, at least I don't think you do. Likely that has been the default so that is what is populated, you can deall with that later.

    Set the phone to only show gmail calendar and place an entry either into phone or computer and see if it syncs. I have my fingers crossed.

    Honestly Android has to figure how to make this simply.
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  6.    15 Sep 2017 #16

    I know what you mean however when I uncheck my calendar even though the one that says my email address is checked I'll be in trees disappear and when I check my calendar again they all return I am on my phone and away from the house so I can't use the computer right now I wonder if a different calendar might yield different results
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  7. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       15 Sep 2017 #17

    So not really following. I suspect the calendar the phone calls My Calendar is the default phone calendar. When you enter stuff in it it stays just on phone. Since it is likely set as default then it is populated when you enter an item.

    The real test is when you click (enable) the gmail calendar. Now when entering items if My Calendar is still checked, and its your default, then the entry goes there. To avoid this I had suggested unchecking My Calendar so you know it is going into gmail's calendar. Then force a sync. Also check to ensure calendar app is allowed to use cellular data and if the capability exists, allow app to run in background.
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  8.    16 Sep 2017 #18

    I'll be in trees disappear = should have read,"All my entries disappear."
    No wonder you could not follow - I was relying on the microphone instead of typing - sorry.

    I am not sure how to force a sync but, I did uncheck My Calendar and click sync but all entries disappear. Should this happen right away or is there a time lapse?

    Is there a way to start from scratch and remove all the clutter stored in the erroneous calendars I have created?

    I wonder if using the calendar might be easier - I will try that.
    BTW, I am also using my wife's Chromebook with no success.
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       16 Sep 2017 #19

    Your entries are not disappearing. They are not being displayed. You can come back to those later. Please.

    Is your gmail account listed as a calendar you can select, so select it. Once selected enter something in. Most phones sync at a minimum every fifteen minutes.

    When fifteen minutes is up check you gmail calendar on computer. Is the entry there?
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  10.    17 Sep 2017 #20

    I am just beginning to understand.

    I have a couple of calendars one being my first name and the other my gmail address. I do not know how I made those names.

    Is having my address an security issue and if so how do I remove it?

    On my wife's Chromebook I did not see any entries at first, then clicked on "today" and they appeared.

    I have yet to see about my desktop when I get home later today.
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