I am using the Facebook app from the Microsoft store. When I browse through the news feed or home page, whatever it is called, the posts that have a video attached, scroll up and as they start to appear on the screen I see the image clearly, but then when the whole window is on the page, it is just a black screen. I have audio and if I move the mouse around a little sometimes I see a flicker of the video. If I enlarge it nothing changes except the size of the black square. When I scroll further down and this video now exits of the screen at the top of the page and half of the window is gone, the video is now partially visible again.
I have updated every driver on my system, using "Driver Easy", one of the first to actually work I must say. Anyhow my system starts way faster and runs much better, but nothing helps the video playing issue.
Outside of the Facebook App, there is no problem and even to the point of launching Facebook in a browser, when I follow the same tasks, I can actually see the videos running. It would however be good if I can solve the App issue as I find it more convenient and there are a few benefits to it over the browser version.
If anyone has an answer as to why this issue is occurring and a remedy, I would appreciate it.