jimbo45 said:
Hi folks

All these things like partition wizard etc I'd run from a bootable USB stick. If I'm messing around with things like re-sizing partitions I'd backup the HDD first via stand alone Macrium free) -- with an SSD takes around 7 mins on a decentish system. Then run a bootable partition re-sizer either from a bootable linux system or a windows based PE system.

If things need special uninstallers to get rid of the product then I don't want them on my system(s). I actually install VERY FEW 3rd party products and the one's that I do install such as hardware capture type programs are 100% fine as I invariably don't want to uninstall them anyway.

I regularly do a Windows re-install - keeps the systems clean and if you have a spread sheet and a link to the programs / drivers you need it doesn't take long either.

Minitool partition wizard for example does not need to be run from a flash drive.

If it is doing work on c drive, it boots to its own mini OS to effect the changes.

I have used it many times on many different devices and it always works. I do make regular image backups of course.