My OS is Windows 10 and I have office 2007 installed which Ive had for quite some time. Every now and then when I open MS Word it goes through the configuration process before it opens. It seems as there are a few different ways to fix it. One way was to go to Control Panel as thought you were going to uninstall it. You right click on the icon and you will get a choice to Uninstall or Change. I click on Change and then you get an option to fix. That has worked before but this time it did not. So I did a Google search and saw another way to fix it. Which was to go to Program Files x86\Common Files\Microsoft shared\office 12\Office setup controller and look for the file setup.exe and change the name. So I change it to setup. Old. It worked and fixed the problem. But this is what does not make sense. I assumed that when I restarted and open Word the file would be changed bake to setup.exe but it did not. The file is still setup.old and it still works. Does this make sense to anyone?