Hello, I have this encrypted folder of Forza Horizon 3 that I installed to a hard drive, then after reinstalling Windows due to unrelated problems it stayed on that hard drive, but I currently run the game from a different installation point on a different hard drive. The problem is it's taking up too much space (49.6GB) that could otherwise be more useful.

  • Simply deleting it doesn't work.
  • Using del in powershell (as system) doesn't work (Access to the path 'filename' is denied, PermissionDenied: UnauthorizedAccessException).
  • Advanced folder options -> uncheck encrypt contents doesn't work (The specified file could not be decrypted)
  • Giving myself & almost everyone else listed 'Full Control' in Security changes nothing.

The next thing I can think of doing is getting out of Windows to delete the file, like the recovery command prompt or a program from the UBCD.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!