Hello, so I've tried a bunch of apps that I found online that can attempt to download Bing's Homepage Wallpaper. Bing changes it on a daily basis to another different image, which is really cool. There are some pictures that I like, and some that I don't. I want to get as many as possible and go through them all. Keep the ones that I like, and delete the ones that I don't like. After that, I add the ones that I liked to my Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow.

So I'm looking for an app that can, most preferably, download Bing's wallpaper in a monthly style, in a rar or zip file, or something similar to this idea. I was referred to this app:
GitHub - alanwright/BingWallpaperArchive: A Windows application to archive Bing wallpapers with a simple GUI.
Yet the only downside about this app is that it downloads the most recent wallpapers within the past 15 days only, max, which kinda sucks.

I have downloaded monthly zip/rar files in the past of their wallpaper from torrents, yet I cannot find any more monthly releases after February 2017.

What can you recommend, thanks!