PJLLB said:
I finally had a chance to try Nox. It's working fine. The one really good thing about it is that, although it appears to use a LAN address space different from the actual LAN the host PC is on (172.17.X.X for Nox versus 192.168.100.X for the actual LAN) for the purposes of using Chromecast casting from an app the "virtual LAN" is apparently properly bridged to the physical LAN. Bluestacks apparently doesn't think it's on a LAN at all -- the IP address it uses is the WAN ip for the PC host -- so it never discovered any Chromecast devices. Bluestacks has other versatility over Nox, but the network function that now works for casting, etc. is more important.
Well, I found this as well, but there is one thing that does bother me more. I switch between GPU configs with the Quadro SLI powerhouse I build, NOX just won't start up using a certain config and wants to simply "Restart" or "Recover to Original state".

In a previous post is said Deul SLI rig, I was wrong. I lataer found out a M/Board with x2 PCIe and x2 PCIe extenders are infact Quadro.