Creators upgrade problems Rolled back now issues with edge and apps

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    Creators upgrade problems Rolled back now issues with edge and apps

    My laptop updated to the win 10 creators edition but after the update the pc became very unresponsive, took 5 minutes to wake from sleep and took more than that to boot. I tried to find a solution to this but could not so I decided to revert to older version. I did the recovery as instructed and it seemed to go as described BUT now I am discovering many issues, biggest is many apps no longer work, you can see them open to a blank black screen but then end, second is the edge browser now does not work very well, when trying to print it only prints blank pages. Firefox prints fine as does other apps like word. I haven't performed any more testing but have discovered that rolling back is causing as many or more issues than the original forced upgrade.
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    How did you receive the CU, via background download and install ? I would do a Repair/In Place Upgrade to get a clean copy where you control the installation. This will reinstall everything and you can elect to keep your files and programs. Use this tutorial, disable antivirus and use Step 4 option to download and mount ISO to your desktop and then run the setup.exe I like to uncheck the option to check for Windows Updates before the process, just to speed things up and see if a particular Update creates a problem. Helpful video included if you want to see what's involved. Will take little over an hour to complete, less time than you're wasting now. Good Luck
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade
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    I'm extremely angry as this major upgrade was installed as if it was just a normal update, MS really shouldn't force these types of upgrades on us as I would have fully backed up my PC before allowing this to proceed. Then I wouldn't be in this mess as I would have just recovered my drive.
    Will this solution keep all my installed programs, apps, settings (like everything in appdata)? Every time I've done a reinstall, or the recovery reset pc option I lose all these. Just keeping my data isn't really a reset in my opinion as that is only 1/3 of what I need to continue working, reinstalling all my programs and apps and then resetting all my options/settings takes much more time than restoring my data from backups. I always wished there was a way to restore these. If this is the only option I'd like to see if there are any other less drastic options.
    I planned on a reinstall or just try to apply the upgrade again and see if I could fix the VERY slow pc problem on Creators upgrade but as a last resort.
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    "Will this solution keep all my installed programs, apps, settings (like everything in appdata)? "

    Absolutely, but Edge and Store Apps will be completely reinstalled which are your orig complaints. If a program will need to be reinstalled, you'll be notified and given a list so you can look for your orig install programs (rare). Everything replaced is put in a Windows.old folder so you can revert back to your current (not completely working state) within 10 days. Note: if you uninstalled some of the Store apps, like Calculator or Alarms, etc, you will have to repeat the process. Again, watch the video for reassurance. Good Luck
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    Well now I've wasted 1/2 day because the solution just updated me to the creators edition again. I followed the steps and it went exactly as described with the exception that I am again on creators edition.
    So now I'm back to a laptop that takes forever to awake from sleep and start, used to take seconds now it takes 3-5 minutes. Not sure if I should start a new post for this problem because this is my wifes pc and she drives me nuts about stuff like this, I wish I knew nothing about computers and then no one would bother me (like it's my fault when things go wrong)
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    Hi, assuming you were on the Anniversary build and you wanted to do an in-place upgrade repair install, then the iso you need to do that is an Anniversary build iso.

    Literally following the Tutorial instructions rather than its caveat text about compatible builds, you would download the current iso from MS - i.e. a Creator's build iso.

    To get a 1607 iso (if you haven't got one), you could go to the Techbench downloads
    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Windows 10 Forums
    Post #3 - look for Techbench.

    Note: you have the Pro edition: considering your initial complaint, had you used 'Defer feature updates' as I do, you would not have suddenly and arbitrarily received the Creator's upgrade. I.e. MS made a feature available to you, but unfortunately you didn't use it.
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