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    Learning JavaScript

    I have an idea for a script I'd like to write, but I know virtually nothing about JavaScript except that I would need to use that language for my application. I have some script writing background but I'm very rusty. Last time I did any scripting was in Bash for Linux over 10 years ago. Before that I was writing programs in Basic for my high school's Commodore Pet and 64's.

    What I'm trying to do is no big secret at all. I'm looking to make a time clock appear on a website once I load it. This time clock would allow me to "punch in" to start a day, "punch out" for lunch, coffee break, or what ever reason I wanted it to pause. Once break is over, punch back in, then a final punch out for the day. I've spend the last hour or more googling to see if I could find a "beginner's" guide that would show a very basic clock like this. Yes there's clocks, and I'm starting to get the gist of the lingo, but none of them allow the start, stop, start, stop that I not only want...I NEED!
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    Hi jayv2251,

    I have a script that does something like this originally written for a WBS project. The only issue being that I wrote this script for multiple timers. I never paid enough attention to get it 100% working though.

    Here is the script, I'm aware that there may be lots of bugs and may also be a bit improperly written.
    var curHour;
            var curMin;
            var curSec;
            var time = {
                totalSec: 0,
                start: function(id){
                    var self = this;
                    self.id = id;
                    var totalWorked;
                    self.totalWorked = $('#Do' + self.id).text().split(':');
                    this.interval = setInterval(function(){
                        console.log($('#Do' + self.id).text().split(':'));
                        self.totalSec += 1;
                        curHour = Math.floor(self.totalWorked[0] + (self.totalSec / 3600)) ;
                        curMin = Math.floor(self.totalWorked[1] + (self.totalSec / 60 % 60));
                        curSec = Math.floor(self.totalWorked[2] + (self.totalSec % 60));
                        if(curHour <= "9") curHour = '0' + curHour;
                        if(curMin <= "9") curMin = '0' + curMin;
                        if(curSec <= "9") curSec = '0' + curSec;
                        $('#Do' + self.id).text(curHour + ':' + curMin + ':' + curSec);
                    }, 1000);
                pause: function(){
                    delete this.interval;
                resume: function(id){
                    if(typeof this.interval == 'undefined') this.start(id);
            function startTimer(id){
                var pauseBtn = $('<button type=button class="btn btn-primary btn-pause" value='+id+' id=pause'+id+' onclick=pauseTime('+id+');>pause tijd</button>');
                $('#startTime' + id).replaceWith(pauseBtn);
            function pauseTime(id){
                var resumeBtn = $('<button type=button class="btn btn-primary" id=resume'+id+' value='+id+' onclick=resumeTime('+id+');>resume tijd</button>');
                $('#pause' + id).replaceWith(resumeBtn);
                    url: 'http://localhost/wbs/public/saveTime.php',
                    type: "post",
                    dataType: 'text',
                    data: {"id": id, "time": $('#Do' + id).text()},
                    success: function(){location.reload();},
                    error: function(xhr, textStatus, errorThrown){
                        console.log('Error code: ' + errorThrown);
            function resumeTime(id){
                var pauseBtn = $('<button type=button class="btn btn-primary" id=pause'+id+' value='+id+' onclick=pauseTime('+id+');>pause tijd</button>');
                $('#resume' + id).replaceWith(pauseBtn);
            totalSec = 0;
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    Ernster's Stop Watch code may provide inspiration.
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