Hi there.

It's simple to install KODI on to an Amazon TV firestick (from an android phone simply use Apps2FireTV -- install KODI on the phone and then use the app to install on remote TV firestick --simple).

What I want though is to know how to install Kodi on a chomecast type device (or if it's even possible). I've told the user that I'm not sure if it's possible - and a much better option is simply to buy an amazon fire TV - if you have a netflix subscription that comes included anyway.

Kodi though IMO is simply by far the best application for playing / streaming both audio and video from say a NAS server to a non smart TV. It beats VLC as the connections are always found quickly, you don't have to use a smart phone as a controller (amazon firestick TV has its own controller --although you can use a phone as a controller) and it plays ripped DVD iso's with the menus. I also like the fact that it can also search for subtitles from opensubtitle.org or a whole host of user selectable sites too.

Note - using KODI for these purposes is 100% legal - I'm not getting involved in any discussion about accessing pirated streams -- this is simply for streaming from your NAS server to a non smart TV.