Background Info
Current Version is 1703-15063.413
Never have opened or used Xbox. Have not uninstalled any Apps that arrived with original Win10. No additional apps added from store. Have not connected to the Win10 store
Popup appeared as a bar with text announcing make a screenshot. Googling the phrase I discovered it is connected to Xbox when using a game. I found a registry edit to stop this request.

After this popup box would appear and was closed the right click menus were no longer available on Taskbar, extra toolbars, start button right click. There was a perceptible slow down in overall machine response. Shutting down the machine and restarting cleared this issue. Hopefully the registry edit will stop the pop up.

Since I have never applied the xbox then I interpret that it is not installed but I did the 'remove built in app using the powershell command Get-AppxPackage *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

The loss of right click menu on the desktop and the laggy response to mouse cursor was disturbing. I thought my machine had started to deteriorate.