Hi folks
Windows users who like Kodi can download Krypton V17.3 --fixes a few things that V17.2 broke (although V17.1 still works).

Kodi IMO is now better than VLC as it plays EVERYTHING - even .ISO DVD files including menus etc.

Even better when you download / sideload on to an AMAZON fire TV box / stick.

Easiest way to do that is to follow the method outlined here : Method 4

How To Install Kodi on Fire TV / Stick - Computer Not Needed

The easiest by far if you have an Android phone is simply to load it from the phone directly to the fire TV - instructions clearly explained in the link using the method 4 way

great also if you are in a hotel etc -- plug your Firestick into the Hotel room's TV and you've got access to all your media streams / plugins / local media without needing your laptop. Ensure you have the FireTV's handset / remote though as well as the remote for the TV. If you need to connect the firestick to Hotel Wifi use a private access point (mobile phone) or better use a portable modem as the modem uses the room connection however many clients you allow to logon --and it only uses 1 internet connection - useful in places where you are only allowed 1 or two devices.