I was just wondering if there is an app that exists that allows you to show all your selected folders or drives and their file content but without them actually being really there?!
It's hard to explain...I want to be able to have an ultra-light portable version of my drives but only to verify it's content not to actually be able to open or execute any files in the drives.

If I explain my workaround you'll maybe better understand. For now, the only way I've found to do what I'm trying to do is to use Nero: As if I was going to burn a CD/DVD, I created an impossible and absurd compilation with an entire drive of 3Tb!! I'll then save that Nero compilation file and end up with a .nru file of +-500Mb that allows me to browse folders and files of my entire drive, even if the drive is not physically present. Nero will then show an 'x' next to each and every file to indicate they are not present but that's the whole point of what I'm trying to achieve! To be able to see the files and folders even if I'm away from the PC that has that drive. I just carry a portablized version of Nero and that 500Mb .nru file on a USB stick and I can browse that disk anytime, anywhere.

I'm looking obviously for a much slicker and flexible approach than this of course. Something that would maybe even do automatic backups but more importantly, to be able to compare several backups and workout the missing or newer files.