I love having a quick shortcut to grab a screenshots but it seems when I need it the most/immediately it does not respond. Also until quite recently, say a month ago it would just go a little grey on the screen and a semi transparent copy of the screen would woosh away to the designated folder, cool found that slightly amusing. Now it pops up a cross hair across the whole screen, holding down the left mouse from the current cross hair intersection you can select the length/height of a rectangular capture or just center the crosshairs and mouse click to get the whole screen.Makes a generic camera click>Boring, Cool, but like I said sometimes nothing. I have AVG internet security now but it did this when I had McAfee too.
I love the flex of the snipping tool but sometimes you need it quick, not 5button clicks later, you all know what I mean.

So anyone experience this as well or any suggestions why it is happening?