Windows 10: Microsoft Money not working in build 10240 Solved

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  1.    09 Aug 2015 #41

    Gingernut said: View Post
    Why not just get Microsoft to fix it as I did? It didn't cost anything.
    If you reached someone in a reasonable amount of time, then I am shocked! MS is known for long hold times. Also, some of their phone reps are not the smartest in the world. And the representatives that the public gets to speak to are generally not the higher level tier tech support that a computer shop might have access to.

    At any rate, it sounds like you were very pleased. Have you attempted to download transactions off your bank's web site? I understand this is where a lot of people are having problems. For a number of people who have done the registry hack themselves, MS Money appears to initially work. Then they get surprised in subsequent uses of the software.
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  2.    10 Aug 2015 #42

    I am disappointed to hear that many of you are not getting Money to work or that it is crashing after getting it to 'appear' to work. I have done the fix in the registry, to both entries, and it has functioned so far. Admittedly I am using Money in its simplest most basic way; just as a tract of how my money is being spent. I do not download or try to input any bank files 'into' it. When doing a checking account balance with the bank statement I do it 'manually'. I have made new 'payee' and it worked fine. I have changed 'amounts' in some of the 'automatic' entries and it still functioned. Either I am being very lucky or I do not do anything very 'in-depth' or intricate as some of you others?

    One of the respondents said that Microsoft is aware and will be making some adjustments/changes so that Money will function? I hope that is so and I do look forward to that. I wonder if they will make any time of mentioned about it? How might we know if we need to get a special download?

    thanks for listening
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  3.    10 Aug 2015 #43

    I went back to Windows 8.1 PRO and everything was fine for a while... then Microsoft Money started behaving strangely telling me I do not have enough memory to start it up and things got worse. My Windows 8.1 Pro started to degrade rapidly doing things like losing the desktop and I had not made any changes in the registry. I decided I had enough and formatted my drive C: to do a clean install of Windows 10. After two days of installing and updating, my system seems stable. I did the registry hack for MS Money Sunset and then restored it from a backup. It seems to be working fine so far.
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  4.    10 Aug 2015 #44

    I used to use Microsoft Money, went to Quicken when Money was EOL'd, suffered through Quicken's operational problems, poor support and extortionate upgrade price structure, but loved how it integrated with TurboTax and how easy it was to work with on those occasions when it actually worked. But, Quicken is making noise about evolving into a cloud-based subscription service. The cloud doesn't bother me so much, but I'm not fond of software subscriptions.

    Now I use Gnucash. Learning to use it is a flat-out grind, but once over that it works well and they don't charge for it. Can't say it's free because of the time and effort to get it going is a definite cost. I personally think it was worth it, but not everyone will agree. Once thing people can agree on is that the UI is very functional, but butt-ugly (probably because it's functional).

    Anyone tried MoneyDance, lately?
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  5.    10 Aug 2015 #45

    [/QUOTE]After much searching I have found this works for me
    MS Money (MoneyDlxSunset) has worked with following registry change.
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer]
    "Version"="9.11.10240.0" (originaly: 9.11.10240.16384)
    I'm not sure about side effect by this change. registry change is at own risk.[/QUOTE]

    I did this regedit change and for the first few days it worked. But now when I try to enter a transaction, a window pops up saying Windows has to close this program.
    I can't live without a checkbook on my computer. Is there any compatible checkbook manager software that is compatible with Win 10? If there isn't, I may just switch back to 8.1 although I do like Win 10 otherwise.
    Please somebody help me to get a suitable replacement?
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  6.    13 Aug 2015 #46

    Windows updated last night - Microsoft Money now working normally! :)
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  7.    13 Aug 2015 #47

    Doca said: View Post
    Windows updated last night - Microsoft Money now working normally! :)
    I have Money working with the registry hack. Can anyone else confirm that it is now working without editing the registry?
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  8.    13 Aug 2015 #48

    Doca said: View Post
    Windows updated last night - Microsoft Money now working normally! :)
    Are you saying that it's working normally without a registry hack? Without patching the dll file? And if so, have you tried other functions, such as downloading an OFX file from your bank? Thanks.
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  9. XweAponX's Avatar
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       14 Aug 2015 #49

    GoTitans said: View Post
    I am facing the same issue. Using Money since 2000 - 15 years of data. So far I have not come across any solution. 10240 broke Microsoft Money.
    I used to use Money but my bank stopped supporting it, I had to move to Quicken, it was forced on me. One thing I hate are their forced updates, they give you some leeway each year, but mainly you have to buy a new version on a yearly basis.

    I liked Money cos it was simple, I had data from 1996 to 2003 or so, but when my bank moved to Intuit, I had to give it all up.

    The fixes in this thread should accommodate you, good luck!
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  10.    16 Aug 2015 #50

    dickiedrummer said: View Post
    I had exactly the same problem importing a qif file. Couldn't get the program to start with the 'Import Complete' dialogue. However I followed the instructions at:
    Windows 8 (64-bit version) compatibility with Sunset Money | Ameridans Microsoft Money Offline Weblog

    and once I had put the new .dll file version in place, the program started normally and completed the import. Hopefully this will be the end of these problems, no doubt I will find out next time I come to do my complete accounts next month!
    I did the registry hack and MS Money worked fine until I downloaded information from my bank, then it stopped working fine. Replacing the MNYOB99.DLL with the patched DLL file fixed the import problem and it is working fine again. Raymond Chen did a good job, MS should hire him.

    I feel like I am driving an old Model-T waiting the next thing to give out.
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