Which one of these apps are useful and i should not remove?

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    Windows 10

    Which one of these apps are useful and i should not remove?

    Hello guys. I am preparing a windows 10 ISO by using MSMG ToolKit v7.1​

    I havent used windows 10 yet so i dont know some of these apps and what they do

    Here what i am planning and my questions. Do you think i should chance any of the below decisions?

    [A] Microsoft Biometrics deleted
    [B] Microsoft Connect App deleted
    [C] Microsoft Maps deleted
    [D] Microsoft OneDrive Desktop Client deleted
    [E] Microsoft Telemetry Services deleted
    [F] Microsoft Skype Video App deleted
    [G] Microsoft Xbox & Gaming deleted
    [H] Windows Contact Support App deleted
    [I] Windows Cortana & Search App deleted
    [J] Windows Desktop File Explorer App kept
    [K] Windows Embedded Features kept
    [L] Windows Geo Location deleted
    [M] Windows Home Group deleted
    [N] Windows Mixed Reality deleted
    [O] Windows Quick Assist App deleted
    [P] Windows Take Test App kept

    And from advanced apps panel

    [1] Adobe Flash For Windows deleted
    [2] Microsoft Edge Browser App kept
    [3] Microsoft Hyper-V kept
    [4] Microsoft Internet Explorer UI kept
    [5] Windows Defender kept
    [6] Windows Manual Setup Feature kept
    [7] Windows Media Player deleted
    [8] Windows Store Client kept
    [9] Windows System Restore deleted
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, Given that you haven't used Win 10 yet, don't mess with it until it's stable on your system. Get used to it first.

    Do you actually know how to remove universal apps?
    (If not, see the tutorial section).

    System Restore - you can't properly 'delete' it from installed windows, best just not use it- zero space on disk if you don't want it. When it works, it can be a quick way to recover. Suggest you study some recent long threads on this here.
    - but you must (and should anyway) use disk imaging and possibly a 3rd party restoration program such as Rollback RX if you like such things.

    File explorer - that gives you your desktop, control panel, and accesses your files and folders--- etc.

    Could remove
    Windows Media Player - note this is done by a Control Panel Programs and Feature tick box.

    Universal apps- I don't use them myself. Nor do I bother about them. With the Creator's upgrade, if you remove apps, they stay removed- which wasn't the case previously.

    Recommend you don't try to remove
    Store- it's better not to mess with this. You can cause yourself more pain than you want.

    If you want to play around with those, first make sure you have a stable working system
    The create a disk image (e.g. Macrium Reflect (free) , option Windows backup) so you can get yourself out of trouble.
    Then hack Windows to death.

    And make sure you create a full disk image after successfully installing Windows BEFORE installing anything else or removing things.

    Coming to Win 10 - the start menu may be a disappointment. It doesn't work properly with a large categorised start menu with sub-sub-sub folders. I use Classic Shell (free) which works perfectly.

    Cortana- not necessary. Can be removed leaving the search bar on the task bar.
    But don't bother using that to find files - it only searches what's been indexed by Windows search, and no executable files. (It searches the start menu and the web too).

    Classic Shell provides a better search bar which you can configure.
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    @dalchina you say dont delete telemetry. that is the number 1 app i will delete lol by the way i am modifying the ISO file atm. so windows is not installed and do you know any of these?

    • Windows Manual Setup Feature
    • Windows Embedded Features
    • Windows Mixed Reality
    • Windows Quick Assist App
    • Windows Take Test App

    I am using this tool : msmg toolkit
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  4. WOT
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    Win 10 Pro 15063.332 (ex-Insider)

    If you have a need to ask all of those questions about what everything does, I am afraid you will inevitably disclude something that is absolutely essential, and you will end up worse off than if you just did a standard install. With that said, I would recommend the following:

    Do a standard clean install
    Learn what is needed (for your purposes) and what is not
    THEN execute your app deletions accordingly

    For your edification, here is my current installation after deleting the apps I decided I did not need:

    Which one of these apps are useful and i should not remove?-apps1.jpg

    Which one of these apps are useful and i should not remove?-apps2.jpg

    I also kept the apps installer (not boxed in red).

    However, if you persist in your quest to customize your installation, I wish you luck.


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    Windows 11 Pro 22621.160

    I would not remove them until after you install it. I only use two of them but I have them all installed.
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    seems like no one is experienced about msmg toolkit
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    I think with that comment you're not taking on board what's been said- enough people have problems with installing Win 10, and it's early days for the CU.

    Clean install Win 10, make sure it's sound, create a disk image, then decide what you want to do.

    Please don't hack it, then come here crying for help...

    N.B. I would guess hacking telemetry and geolocation will have surprising consequences. Do some research on
    'Some settings are managed by your organisation' (yes, it's in red usually). Plenty of threads on this forum.

    Likewise geolocation.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit; Windows 10 TP; KDE Neon

    I've never used any tool for creating custom Windows ISOs. I'm hearing NTLite is the best available, the paid version however, which makes a lot feel it does not worth it to pay for using it once or twice.

    One of these days, when in the mood, I'll give a serious shot in one of these tools. I'm using a dedicated SSD for the Insider builds but so far, this has not served me much: what's new in Windows 10 is not [at all] necessary to me.

    When and IF you'll finally make it, please post your experience, with screenshots, especially on how well removing Telemetry, Geolocation and the rest of your post #3 Applications (and placeholders), went.

    Thank you and Good Luck.
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    Windows 10
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    ok i have finalized the ISO as in first message

    seems like i have more experience than users here

    lets see how it goes
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit; Windows 10 TP; KDE Neon

    Great-great, oh you experienced one! Looking forward to your experience even though the comments of this article are anything but encouraging...
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