Hello all.

I have a strange problem and I have searched high and low for the answer to no avail.

I have a windows 10 (latest updates) system that I have Java installed on. It is working with only two problems. When it updates, I don't see an install window. I have uninstalled, used JavRa, CCleaner, sfc /scannow, deleted task scheduler entries (justshc.exe), etc. to try to fix it.

Even on a clean install of Java (all registry keys removed as well, not a windows clean install) it still installs silently. Apparently it is an option to do this, but I do not recall turning it on. I would assume it would be per install via a command line or network administrator anyways. I have never installed it that way.

Also, (I think they are related) I loose the update tab in the control panel with each update. Its not a big deal as a simple change to a registry key brings back the update tab.

I need java because my router still uses it for it's configuration page. I also used it back in the day for the now defunct website, pingtest.net.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?