Suppose its more of a rant than a how to.

The messaging runs part of my business or certainly makes it run smoother with various employees texting various instructions through out the day.
Various times of course Skype never delivered all my instructions so I end up being the big goof.
Oh ya the guy with the Windows phone.

At times Skype has worked well but updates break it then other updates fixes but something else gets broken.
This week the notification icon shows new message but no message.
Oh ya the guy that keeps stopping his machine to see if he actually has a message or not.
Hopefully he doesn't do another soft reset backing up the whole plant.

I really liked when the synchronization of my text messages were solid and stable for them short times.
I have a laptop in the truck but need my phone to be sure that I either received or did not receive my instruction. I have a tablet beside my bed but need to bring my phone to bed. Really?

I have a Lumia 650 which in desperation I put on the fast ring thinking my messaging features would perform better but not.

All else Windows 10 is great just the text messaging needs worked on big time.