I just updated my preview pc to 10162 today, first thing I noticed when I logged into the app store is that my app for using Windows 8 apps Store was no longer valid. Which was a bummer, I'm hoping I just haven't found out how to use the store yet.

First, I actually installed some apps on my W8 computer, in anticipation of installing them on the W10 pc, once we got to that point. They are all educational software apps for my 9 y/o. It's hard for me to get to his pc, so I try to do as much on mine, and work remotely on his. When I log into MY account (the same one I use for my W8 pc) on the W10 store, I see the few W10 apps I installed on the previous preview, and a couple of W8 I installed using an app to access the W8 store from W10. I do not see any of the W8 I have installed on my W8 machine. Even though I know your supposed to be able to share among devices.

Another question is, once the entire W10 upgrade is complete, and both machines are running the same version of W10, in order to share the apps with my son, will he have to sign in with my account, or can he sign in with a family account, under mine? I haven't gotten that far yet, but just I'll know when I get there.

Thanks for the help, and if I've totally made a mess of explaining things, let me know and I'll try again.