Hello all, I realize that this is a Windows 10 forum, but I'm having an issue with the Audacity software and their tech people have not been able to solve the problem. So I thought that I'd give you experts a shot at it.

I am running a brand new Asus GL753VE-DS74 gaming machine on Windows 10, 64 bit, purchased about a week ago. It's a gaming computer, but I'm not a gamer. I merely wanted a reasonably priced, powerful computer. So far I've been pleased with it. Very fast and great graphics.

Audacity is a sound editing and recording program. It uses imported plugins to manipulate the music, such as delay, reverb and so on. These plugins are 32 bit and are placed in the Vamp plugin folder on Program Files (x86). Audacity automatically searches for this folder and imports the plugins for use. For some reason, the program is not able to import the plugins. Audacity support has spent quite a bit of time helping me troubleshoot, but the issue remains unsolved and they are as puzzled as I am. They have told me that as far as they know, my computer is the only one that has this unsolved problem.

Other users have had this issue, but the folks at Audacity have always been able to correct it. I have another laptop, an HP on Windows 7, 64 bit and the Audacity on it is perfectly able to locate the Vamp folder and import the plugins. And I also have a desktop running Win 7, 32 bit and it too, is able to import the plugins.

On the Asus, the Vamp folder is shared and I as administrator, have full control.

Does anyone have any guesses on what the problem might be? Has anyone else had this issue and if so, were you able to correct it?Thanks all for your help.