I recently replaced my 10 year old desktop and I'm having problems with my word processors. I have OpenOffice and LibreOffice installed. I use LibreOffice to convert my old .wps files and O.O. for everything else. This has been working very well for me until a couple of days ago when suddenly every document had red "squiggley" lines under almost every word. I have a file with all my passwords and, of course. spellcheck nailed them. I'm trying an operation that someone on the O.O. forum told me. They gave me a phrase "appdata" etc...can't remember the whole phrase. You then copy the phrase, paste it into the search box (Cortana) and it takes you to the O.O. folders. You are supposed to rename the folder and this will resolve the red line issue. I had the same problem with the laptop I'm on right now, but once the issue was resolved, it stayed fixed. On the desktop, as soon as I can rename the folder and start opening files, O.O. has already created a new folder called user. I talked to some people on the O.O. forum who said this issue was caused by shutting the pc down to fast, but that's not the problem...already tested. Apparently I have not found the right person on O.O. forum to help me. Perhaps someone here will be able to give me some advice. Thanks.