Is there a way or a website to look on where one can be aware of/notified of any MS native app updates that have been released. Kind of like a live feed. I am pretty OCD and kind of fear the native app updates as MS has burned my fingers many times. So at the moment I habitually boot our main machine virtually every day to do a check for native app updates in the store. Many times it's a pointless boot up as the check returns nothing. So I wondered if I could save myself the bother by seeing what apps are updated for those on current branch by just querying a website from the comfort of my smartphone (iPhone). Then if I see one has updated .ie. photos or mail/calendar then I will obediently turn the machine on, take my customary restore point and then proceed with the app updates. I know if I had a windows phone that'd be a good indicator as I am sure app updates happen at the same time for mobile OS and desktops but all we have at home in terms of mobile devices is Apple tech

the reason I am twitchy is because we use several user accounts on same pc and in the past a native app update has caused that app to bork for other users despite being fine on my user account. It's a rare anamoly but it has caused us frustration in the past