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There is a much easier method these days for removing the apps without problems.

1. Make a restore point
2. Download CCleaner Free (Google CCleaner)
3. Install CCleaner and under the uninstaller you can remove all the Windows Apps that you cannot remove on your own, but beware this is a permanent removal and you wont be able to get them back once you remove them, you will have to reset/refresh W10.

That's the easiest method these days rather then doing the commands, very old thread though indeed
Having just tested CCleaner removal for the Calculator app it doesn't remove the Appx package or the provisioned package - it just hides it. If you look with powershell with get-appxpackage or get-appxprovisionedpackage even after reboot it is still there and if you look in WindowsApps nothing is deleted.

So, if you wanted to hide them CCleaner would be a good tool.

If you wanted to uninstall them (to save space on a small tablet or example) you would still need to remove them with powershell (at least that is what I found with a test of the one Calc app I tested)

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very old thread though indeed
True but there is nothing wrong with giving an old thread a prod now and again . Give it a new suggestion, a simple test and look - it seems to be lurching along OK.

Wouldn't work if it was completely dead I guess.