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    Contact support app

    I never noticed this app before until today. An app listed in start menu called 'Contact Support'. So I clicked it just to take a look. But the app just starts to open and then immediately crashes/shuts off. I logged into another user acc on my machine and it opens just fine.

    Usually if an app is playing up on my computer I go into the settings - apps list and reset the app which normally sorts things out. But contact support is missing from the list. Does anyone use the app and have any problems with it?
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    I noticed the app in my start menu but never tried it. It opened just fine in all my user accounts. Have you run a System File Checker scan just to verify your 10 doesn't have any damaged or corrupt system files? (Right click start menu > command prompt (admin) > type in sfc /scannow > click enter.) And I don't see it in settings > apps either.

    Not trying to be funny about this, but if the scan comes back "no integrity violations found" I think I'd use the Contact Support app from the working user acct to find out why it works in one acct and not another. Seems ironic - having to contact support to find out why support isn't working. :)
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    Thank you, I'll try that and see what happens. As far as I am aware every other app works just fine so this is the only troublesome one! I thought maybe it didn't like my MS login (I use a non outlook login) but I booted up our other machine and logged in, launched the app successfully. So it's a local issue. It is strange, it goes to open, the box appears and I see the little man figure appear but before the loading dots get going for more than a second 'bam', the app just shuts off/disappears. Looking in reliability history confirms the app stopped working.

    im pretty convinced that if I could just reset the app things would probably then be fixed. But the problem is, as far as I can tell, there is no way to do that because the app isn't listed under settings, apps list where one would normally seek out an app to either uninstall it or select advanced and then click reset for the offending app. Unless it's stashed elsewhere?
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    I'm not at my home pc to check but I wonder if the reason the app is stopping is because I have my default browser set to Mozilla. The only reason I thought this is because that is the only difference between my user acc and the other user accounts (where the app works/loads) on the PC. The other accounts default to edge where if they were to load MS own community forum it auto logs in. On mine if I was in say settings and clicked on the setting to manage my account it opens Mozilla and prompts for a login which I never do. Whereas the other users if they click that setting it opens edge and automatically takes them into their MS account.

    We have another lesser used PC which I am also using my MS account on and on this one I left edge as the default browser. On this one, the 'Contact Support' app works. So I am wondering if this is a relevant point seeing as the app is so heavily linked to their MS communities/support browser pages. Total speculation on my part but given that the PC has no issues other than this app and this is probably the one software setup difference across the board I thought it could be a reason.
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  5.    10 Jan 2017 #5

    I use Firefox as my default browser and the Contact Support app works with all user accounts. I also have Opera and Chrome installed. No issues at all. Also works with IE but has a considerable delay opening in Edge (about 8 seconds.) Maybe it's just one of those inherent Microsoft quirks that seems to defy logic.
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    Ok thank you, i'll just try and forget it given everything else works just fine. It's just frustrating there is no option to simply reset the app. I'm sure that would prob fix it. Am a bit of a stickler for things working as they should!
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    This is just so typical of the morass of difficulties we have just trying to keep a computer working "reasonably" well. If you are a heavy user, its getting to the point where we will spend more time trying to fix problems than doing anything productive. I know I definitely have reached that point that I call a "Howard Beal moment" -- from the famous line in the movie Network . I'm sick and tired and not going to take it anymore."
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    I totally agree with you Davy. Am sick and tired of the bugs. I use Windows 10 = Buggy, Mac OS Sierra = Buggy, iOS 10 = Buggy. Heck even my Sky HD (UK satellite giant) = Buggy. These big companies try to innovate but just end up piling bugs ontop of bugs. And they don't fix them. The MS native apps are the worst offenders. This particular issue with Contact Support is a joke because you cant reset the app as it doesn't appear in the settings - apps list. The irony that a contact for support app doesn't work!!! Of course it's a local issue to my PC but it's just typical of the modern day Windows, the OS causes so many problems or frustrations! I spend more time updating the machine than actually using because MS pumps out way too many updates. Tonight is patch tuesday so no doubt a cumulative update that will take far too much of precious spare time and because I don't trust the update will need to be handheld and watched, tested after.

    I think it's time to consolidate and focus on the bugs instead of new features. I'd take stability and less bugs over new features anyday.
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    Scottyboy99 said: View Post
    I think it's time to consolidate and focus on the bugs instead of new features. I'd take stability and less bugs over new features anyday.
    Well said.
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