Hello forum,
I wonder if this is the right place to ask question in subject, if I'm wrong pls forgive.
Trying to organize some hundreds video clips (mp4) with this tool (part of MS office installed on pc).
After opening the program, I dragged some clips from one folder into the window, some small squares created (should be thumbnails), in middle of each square was the player's icon (MPC-HC), and name of the clip. When I selected one of the squares and clicked down on the triange's player, nothing happened - the clip did not play.
Thumbnails from the clips were not created.
I searched the net for some othere cataloging software, found two nice ones :"Fast video cataloger" and "Data Crow",
they are heavy, good cataloging, but too expensive. The last one caused my computer to crash - lucky I tested them while "Time freeze" was 'on'.
Can somebody help me with the 'MS clip organizer' problem, or recommend some 'lite' cataloging program.
Answers will be appreciated.