OK, there are LOTS of audio OUTPUT tools out there that allow you to select what audio device to play sound output on for any given app, and have different sound outputs for different apps at the same time.

What I need is a an audio INPUT tool that allows me to to select an audio input source based on the app. I admit, I may be befuddled here, but I know that when I run apps like Skype, etc. I can select an audio input device such as my headset mic or built-in mic on my laptop. But there are other applications, Camtasia for example, that allow all that AND allow selecting SYSTEM as the input, so that it records audio input sources no matter where it came from, headset, internal, ANY playback audio stream.

Unfortunately, not all apps are as well programmed as Camtasia and few understand SYSTEM as an input as Camtasia does. Anyone know any tools that will allow me to control the input for the running application?

Audio Router is a nice little freeware tool I see for handling OUTPUTs. If there were something akin to this for INPUTs that would be ideal. Thanks.