I've used computers ever since Windows 3.1 and the strangest thing happened today. There is the possibility that i messed up the file somehow. I have Windows 10 on my laptop. Earlier today I made a file with MSWord 2007. The file had only text of approx 125 words. I saved the file and closed it. Then about 2 hours latter I opened it and it had 3 pages with the following on it:
The\7 \
9re is a place in Clyde Ohio that sale apples. They have a huge orchard and grow many different 0

varities. When you go there, you will see benches with boxes of appes sittihg Onnvn \9/top. Whrmv .qs
Each one of the three pages had one of the above lines on it. I suppose I could have done something inadvertintly that caused it, but I have no idea what it could have been. .