Have scoured the internet for an answer but nobody knows.

Setup, Windows 10 July edition, on HP Desktop PC.
Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam with Logitech Software installed.

Cortana works fine if I go into Learn My Voice, and after that she is happy.

But when I reboot the PC she no longer hears anything. I click the Microphone, nothing.
I have NO other microphones hooked up. I go to Recording Devices, and it is shown as the Default device, and I set levels to 100 percent and so forth.
The only thing it refuses to do is the listen live function, so I cannot make it squeal or hear me.

I guess the billion dollar question is, why does Cortana work if I train her to my voice, that part works fine, and if I leave the computer running all is fine.
But when I reboot nothing.

I am logged into my Outlook account automatically at each reboot, and all my other settings are fine, I even changed a few just to confirm it is not a Sync issue.

Updates are still coming, as typical of Windows to constantly update you, but those are seemingly ok.

Its really down to that, and none of the changes, settings, etc that I add to Cortana are helping.

When it occurs, clicking the microphone, Cortana hears nothing.
So I am still saying it seems to be a Cortana Issue.
I can record video with the Logitech Pro 9000 just fine, voice and all. It seems to work fine in Facebook Chat.

So how does one fix this bleeping problem?
Microsoft is useless or has not showing a FixIt for this issue.
I refuse to have to go out and buy another microphone just to prove it is the webcam. It should work but does not.