Windows 10: Cortana Question

  1.    07 Nov 2016 #1

    Cortana Question

    I was wondering and curious about Cortana being toggled off in all of its settings to where it doesn't even show anymore in the Task Bar [Search took its place] yet it is still consuming anywhere from 30 to 40 Mbs of memory usage on a constant basis.

    I realize that it is part an parcel tied to the Windows SearchUI mechanics yet if I'm not searching or surfing my OS why would it be using memory and what could it be 'searching' for?
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  2.    08 Nov 2016 #2

    Hi, discussion here, which you may have seen, of course.
    Why Is Cortana Still Running in the Background After You Disable It?

    Bottom line- fiddle too much and you'll break Windows search (on which Cortana depends) too.

    Note: Cortana only finds files and folders which have been indexed- as you may know there are better tools for this e.g.
    Ultrasearch, Locate32, Everything (by Void Tools) - free, find as you type.
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    Yeah an really seems no one really knows [other than MS and they ain't talkin'] the whys' and what-fors' on this. It just IS. I imagine it's linked to all the other 'goodies' included with the OS with most thinking it's Big Brother over your shoulder.

    Agree that trying to rename the SearchUI.exe to rid oneself of Cortana only causes more issues. BTDT. One day it may be sorted out.
    One pet peeve is the Event Viewers 'Event Log Online Help' link that only takes you to the generic MS page and is in no way connected to the error reported.
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  4.    08 Nov 2016 #4

    MS has baled out of Help.. it's now Help yourselves. I.e. community help- the community documents the OS (with some exceptions). There are more broken and useless links than that.

    Win 7 used to have linked help... now we have none. MS must have sacked or repurposed a whole department.

    The $ is king.. it pays to be unhelpful...
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  5.    08 Nov 2016 #5

    no truer words have been spoken...

    wouldn't be nice to link the help thing to this forum
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