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Still there are many other services that can be disabled as well as their use is rather specific.
I for example have 23 services disabled, 49 running and the rest is just on manual and mostly not running anyways.

I am guessing if I take some weeks of research and testing and maybe some knowledge exchange with BlackViper (our all windows service god) then I can reduce the 49 running even further down to maybe 25.
Charles “Black Viper” Sparks has always done nice work - I just visited his site just now and WOW - he cleaned up his image. Only a week or two ago, he still had a leather jacket ... but now he's a suit!
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I haven't used his tools on Win10 yet, but most likely will when I update to Win10. I have a few that I routinely disable (UPnP, SSDP, Server, Computer Browser, NetBios) because I don't use those services. It's important that a user knows enough about their machine before they play around with services. BlackViper helps a lot there.

It doesn't improve performance because the services load and go idle, it does stop them from initially loading though. Disabling services is more of a deployment strategy than maintenance or for improving performance.