I didn't want to muddy the Software subforum with this as it's not a problem, just a few inquires.
I want to be able to tell Cortana to just chat for a while and not to search everything by opening a browser window. Is this possible?

When Cortana does search, can I tell her just to grab some info and speak it to me instead of opening a browser window?

Can I personalize Cortana by having her greet me when I turn on the PC and respond to me personally when I speak to her? - It is possible to get her to remember things that she doesn't send to microsoft? (if not, that would be a great feature, allowing Cortana to remeber personal info and respond to it in kind because it's stored on your local machine)

Can any of this be done and if not, what do you think of these suggestions? Do you think Cortana should have any of these features?

I know the AI isn't very good, but I seek to get the most out of it as possible. Thank You.