When I start up my computer, it seems to load up perfectly fine but when I go on teamspeak or other apps, problems begin. I have the turtlebeach px5 which requires a bluetooth adapter to work but when I go on teamspeak. My microphone does not seem to pick anything up.

I have looked in the audio devices, tried disconnecting and reconnecting and also tried disabling and re-enabling the device but nothing works. I then tried to unplug the bluetooth adapter and this is where it really starts. It disconnects giving no sound (plugged in via a digital wire going into the px5's transmitter and set to go through the realtek audio device) but there is no device removed sound. I try plugging it back in and it comes up with an error saying the device is not recognized and loose all functionality of the taskbar. I try clicking start and nothing happens. I try going on notifications and still nothing. Not even task manager works. I then try restarting my computer and it seems to take 10 minutes to restart for no apparent reason (not exaggerating). It is almost like it gets stuck on the restarting screen.

I don't understand why this is happening and is there anyway to resolve this as it was working perfectly fine before but not now and I cannot system restore to a working point? I did have a load of malware on my computer but I managed to remove it by booting my computer into safe mode. The version of windows 10 I am using is 10122 as I downgrading from 10130 for doing the exact same thing thinking the version I had of 10130 was buggy.

Edit - The only thing that does seem to work is right clicking the start button and get all the admin functions like command prompt and I can also launch applications off of my desktop.