skype stopped interacting with windows...and I killed it

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  1.    09 Oct 2016 #1

    skype stopped interacting with windows...and I killed it

    ok..since I dont particularly care to try and copy pics off the skype community forum, please see this thread for the pics skype hung itself and had to be force closed - Skype Community

    since anniversary was installed, every now and then skype stops responding and I end up needing to kill it via task manager, and then relaunch it, whereupon it functions as if everything's hunky dory.

    does anyone have any idea WHY this has only started happening after the anniversary update?

    also, side question, if cyberlink power dvd wasnt compatible with windows 10, would it even run never mind play my dvds?

    second side question, would the virtual audio cables, necessary for my job as an internet radio dj, have anything to do with this?

    ps, I've attached my direct x diagnostic file to the post.
    skype stopped interacting with windows...and I killed it Attached Files
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  2.    10 Oct 2016 #2

    What version of Skype are you running, is it the Desktop or the one that comes with Windows. If it's the desktop try to run it as per my post here Latest Skype for Windows - Page 5 - Windows 10 Forums. If it's not the desktop version you should uninstall the app and use Skype as per my post anyway at least to give you a better idea whats causing the issues. To get rid of Cyberlink just uninstall from the usual place and if you need it for your work try to find a more win 10 1607 friendly program to work with or, an updated Cylink that does work with it. As per the post on the Skype page since you updated to the AU might be worthwhile making sure all the software you're using is compatible with 1607 even if you have to start from scratch including the virtual cables
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  3.    10 Oct 2016 #3

    desktop version indeed sir. I am not using the app version.
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  4.    11 Oct 2016 #4

    the cables I need for work, cyberlink I need for my dvd movie needs, and if it wasnt compatible I seriously doubt it'd even load, nevermind play movies.
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  5.    16 Oct 2016 #5

    You have a problem and to fix it sometimes you need to change something and unless you try it's not possible to solve the problem so have you tried anything to solve it
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  6.    16 Oct 2016 #6

    ok...two days without running task manager and skype hasnt once blipped, I it possible task manager's been the problem?

    I've noticed correlating evidence, when I have my external hdd plugged in, and task manager up, if I try to eject the drive, it wont let me, yet the moment task manager's closed, it lets me eject the drive.
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  7.    18 Oct 2016 #7

    and nope..promptly made a liar by skype. I have uninstalled the audio cables and after rebooting, not 20 minutes in..presto poof goes skype again. I wouldnt know how to uninstall cyberlink and not loose it I hesitate. I need to be able to reinstall it if it doesnt work, hence the hesitation.
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  8.    18 Oct 2016 #8

    Did you try to run Skype as I suggested. Is Cyberlink a paid application and if so don't you have the license for it so can reinstall and there are other applications that will do the same as Cyberlink
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  9.    18 Oct 2016 #9

    cyberlink was OEM supplied, so no, I dont have a license key per say.

    I did try skype as you suggested. didnt seem to make a difference.
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  10.    19 Oct 2016 #10

    Just noticed you're using Avast for an AV and I would uninstall it using their uninstall tool and use Defender if you have it. I hope you're not running both defender and Avast at the same time which is not a good idea but Avast can create various issues and would be worth removing it to see if it solves the problem. Also are you using the built in Firewall or a 3rd party one
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