tl;dr :
I am using the Netflix app from Windows 10 store. The app works fine on my laptop however when i connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI and play want to watch a video on the TV i get black screen on the video with the menu, audio and subtitle still working fine. But when i drag netflix app back to the laptop the video is back again. No error code either.

Any idea on how to fix or troubleshoot this further ? Im running out of idea now.

More details:

I tried this these things so far, which did not work :

- Re-installed Netflix from Windows store.
- A new 4k HDMI cable to make sure HDCP handshake is okay.
- Installed newest and old nvidia video driver.
- Connected laptop to another TV
- Microsoft Edge browser

The only way i can watch Netflix now on my TV using the laptop is using Chrome or Firefox which has horrible quality, MS Edge doesn't work either. I updated windows 10 just couple days so i also suspect that may a reason but i used to get black screen sometimes before that too, but it used to work again after restarting the pc another day. But now nothing seems to work.

Only thing i can think of now is too reinstall windows or roll back on windows updates which i dont really want to do.