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When I do this I get a progress bar that just gets stuck, same as the GUI version does.

If you are running into the same problem, here is another solution. It requires you to have a Windows 10 installation USB stick (DVD might work as well). Plug it it and run the command posted by TairikuOkami, but replace the last line with:
​Dism /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /Source:D:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess
where D: is the drive letter of the Windows 10 installation USB stick/DVD.

This command will install NetFx3 from the local file on the USB stick/DVD (microsoft-windows-netfx3-ondemand-package.cab) instead of attempting to download it and getting stuck.

This is what happened when I followed #7:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>taskkill /im TiWorker.exe /f
ERROR: The process "TiWorker.exe" not found.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>net stop wuauserv /y
The Windows Update service is stopping.
The Windows Update service was stopped successfully.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>rmdir "%systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution\Download" /s /q

C:\WINDOWS\system32>del "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat" /s /f /q
Could Not Find C:\ProgramData\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat

C:\WINDOWS\system32>cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & cleanmgr /sagerun:65535

C:\WINDOWS\system32>​Dism /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /Source:E:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess
'​Dism' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


I pasted the command with the last line replaced as instructed with the Drive letter changed to E where my usb stick is and as soon as I pasted I was very quickly looking at a CleanManager window which I checked all but one line to delete and hit Enter. I got the above message back immediately with no netfx3 installation being completed.

Now what?