I have about 16 years of calendar data from IBM Organizer v6 that I want to import into Evernote as I would be able to do far more with this data then.

Trouble is, Evernote only gives the following import options, Evernote Export files and One Note. I've managed to get all the Organizer stuff into One Note but when I try to export it doesn't give me a clue as to what format I should select. And when I go to Import in Evernote and select One Note it only gives me the option to select Quick Notes and Recycle bin, neither of which are any use to me!

Is there a way to export straight into Evernote? How do I get round the lack of notebook choice in Evernote from One Note? I have five notebooks I want to import into Evernote.

Thanks for any suggestions, tearing hair out here.