Running Windows 10 home here and need to use the CooperHewitt font set for some documents in Illustrator CS6.
This font has 14 variants:
CooperHewitt-Bold, BoldItalic, Book, BookItalic, Heavy, HeavyItalic, Light, LightItalic, Medium, MediumItalic, Semibold, SemiboldItalic, Thin, ThinItalic.

When I install these fonts (right-click Install), Windows installs 14 fonts under CooperHewitt heading in the font directory but the first 9 are called Cooper Hewitt Bold and all display the same bold font. The remaining 5 are called Cooper Hewitt Thin Itallic and all display the same thin italic font.

If I go back to the original folder where the fonts are installed and try installing one of the unlisted fonts, Windows says the font is already installed.

To check each font file, I deleted all the Cooper Hewitt fonts and tried installing each font individually and they all work fine. For this test, I deleted the last Cooper Hewitt font before installing the next so there was only one CooperHewitt font on the system each time.

The naming appears to fall apart when Windows decides to group the fonts under the Cooper Hewitt header.

Any ideas?