I have this weird issue with the Films and TV app. I go fullscreen and watch my video and everything works fine. However, as soon as I move my mouse, the video will freeze for about 2 seconds (but not the audio). The mouse cursor also freezes in place as after it recovers, it jumps to where it should have been without the freeze.

I suspect that this freeze is due to the overlay of the playback bar as after it recovers from the freeze, the playback bar is immediately in view, there is no fade in animation, unlike that of Windows Media Player. I also noted that this happens in full screen only. Is this a common issue or is just me?

Some more info which may be related: I also encounter these micro freezes whenever I change my volume in DOTA 2. Again, I suspect that this is due to the volume overlay fading into the screen.

Oddly for both, the freeze does not occur when the overlays are fading out. Any insight into this is much appreciated.