Hi, if I launch Cortana (Windows key + S), click the music icon top right, and play something, Cortana 'listens' and may identify and find it. Great.

However, here's an example: I played Concerto no. 4 in A major - 1. Allegro by Albinoni.

Cortana identified it, and I clicked on the title/text displayed (there was also a greyed out headphone symbol).

This took me to the Store, which displayed this:
Click image for larger version. 

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Oh. Shame.

Now neither the text in Cortana nor that shown in Store can be selected and copied. Which is a shame if you want to use the information found. So I used Abbyy's screenshot reader to pick out
albinoni: concerto a 5
and searched for that in the Store. Then the Store search found it. (Of course this is another ploy by MS to earn revenue..)

The identification is good, the inability to copy the text isn't, and the lack of integration between the Store and Cortana seems poor.

However, everything worked perfectly for a Chinese pop song by Wang Fei.

So I'm curious.. is your experience better?