Since here came Windows 8, came 8GadgetPack.
I have now Windows 10.1511 Pro x64 and installed 8GadgetPack 20.0.
When I was downloading gadgetpack, there was note that some gadgets will not work with Windows 10.1607.
I updated not, but have problem with SlideShow gadget.
Images slideshow is ok, shuffle, transition, correct folder, next & previous are ok.
But when I click at button View it displays not full picture.
It looks that any action is performed 'cause on taskbar blinks button but it's less than second to identify.
I browsed scripts written for gadget and its settings, no any program association to view picture.
So, it looks like uses default image viewer of Windows...
I set as default viewer JPEGImage and I'm satisfied.
It looks like cosmetic fix, but my slideshow is not photo folder, there are many times important graphic files and I can't access them by gadget, I must to find them manually. So, it looks bit useless.
If is this not possible to fix, I change folder to nice photos from holiday...

Thank you all.