A long lasting issue that is preventing me from using the Edge Browser is my love for my Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse which requires the Logitech Gaming Software for Profile switching functionality.

Unlike the Logitech Options Software, being mainly used for Office oriented Mice, the Logitech Gaming Software does not recognize Metro Apps like the Edge Browser, Groove Music Player, etc... which is kind of a problem in my daily use ESPECIALLY with the Browser as the same button I normally use for closing an App or Program is bound to closing Tabs when browsing the Web - Obviously not working if the Software doesn't recognize the Browser I'm using is not a default App/Program thus instead of just closing a Tab it tries closing the entire App/Program but with multiple Tabs open triggers a Confirmation Box about closing all Tabs with only the option to ALWAYS closing all Tabs and no NEVER option.

I'm writhing in agony...

6+ Months ago ( and another 6+ Months before that ) I contacted Logitech about this and they were like: "We're looking into this!" but nothing has happened so far - Really disappointed.

So Question to the Windows Community:
Does anyone know of a DIY Solution for the LGS to recognize Metro Apps?

Normally I'd ask again at the Logitech "Forums" but since they've revamped them into some kind of weird Board not resembling any kind of Support Forum at all I don't feel like even bothering anymore >_>