I'm trying to set up my schedule in Calendar, and I've set up a few event series and it has worked fine. However, I'm now trying to set a weekly series for Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 PM for 1.5 hours, and when I save it, the event will show up at 3:30 PM for a second, then be automatically moved to 4:30 PM. Strangely, whether I edit the series or a single occurrence, even though it will visually appear one hour after I want it to, the set time for the series is much later, as every time I save any changes, the series sets itself an additional hour later (now it's at 10:30 PM). This is the only event series that this affects; none of the series made before or after this one are acting this way. I've deleted it and made another one, at the same time, and the same thing happens. But if I make the series at a different time, if works.