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I've seen some Olympic Games and English Premier league football in 4K with a colleagues SKY Q box --brilliant -- makes the old 1080i look a bit like standard DVD on a reasonably sized TV. (48 inch or bigger).

Any stand alone software to stream UHD content to a UHD TV (PLEX only supports a limited 4K subset for streaming). Note Chromecast dongles --don't even THINK about it !!!!! although knowing google they should get their act together if there is demand.

Mind you the current crop of movies (all seem to be re-boot 47 or so of an old series --not much new !!) so it might be a while - but I'm sure if Hollywood can get its act together and release some brand new movies (c'mon writers out there - give us something new - not the same old series that has been re-jigged for its 97th incarnation).

Any chance also of some UHD recording and re-ripping software - would have to be minimum of 2160 X 3180 and if eventually 8K - but you'd need a screen the size of a HOUSE to make that worth while (7680 X 4320). Beware if you have capped download limits and you want to stream this sort of stuff -- I think Netflix is rolling out some decent 4K UHD stuff soon.

There's Limited support for plex but not much yet

From the Plex forums :

Vizio TV, 4K limited to H265. Why? — Plex Forums

BTW 3D TV was a real dog and deserved to die - nobody wants to wear those stupid glasses etc - but proper 4K UHD is in a totally different league.